Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge

                    Almost as soon as the ice has melted from the lakes, bays, brooks and bogs, I’ve got swimming on the brain. When can I jump, skip or dive into some (chilly) fresh water.  Cape Breton is absolutely filled with water sources, from the plethora of […]

Waldorf School Adventures on Cape Breton

An 8th grade class goes all around Cape Breton, for adventures, using Cabot Shores
as a home base.
Here is a sampling with thanks to the Waldorf School of Charlotteville, Virgina, teachers and students
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Caving in Cape Breton: Glooscap and Cape Dauphin

  The Glooscap Cave is a fantastic Cape Breton excursion that takes explorers through both a land and water sites. The sea-cave, also referred to as “The Fairy Hole”, holds roots with the local Mi’Kmaq culture. The story says that a hero named Glooscap was sent from the Great Spirit to protect his people, the […]

Hiking the Spinnakin Mountain off the Cabot Trail

Views From The Summit “Have you ever danced on the summit of a mountain? Well,  as you see the hidden lakes appear, you will tempted to dance on the Spinnakin…”(says Dr. Paul) There are few easily accessible places on Cape Breton Island where you can get a stunning 360-degree view. The Spinnakin is one of […]

Alexander Graham Bell Museum

Located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, the site consists of 10 hectares of land, overlooking Baddeck Bay, part of the Bras d’Or Lakes, and Beinn Bhreagh, Bell’s summer home, where much of his scientific work was pursued. The land slopes steeply from the exhibit complex to a small pond beside Highway 205. The Site […]