Pet Friendly Adventures

Pet Friendly ‘Cause Pets Are Family Too

January 20, 2013

Copy to come.

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Pet-friendly Adventures along the Cape Breton Highlands

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  Ready, to Hike, Beach-comb, Kayak or Yolo Board with your Pet? (Why Not?  There’s Even a Whale watching Captain who allows dogs on the Boat…) Colleen from Burlington, Vermont loves to hike with her dog Elijah.  Elijah has been all through New England, to Alaska and now to the Highlands of Cape Breton. Here […]

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Pet Friendly: Mind, Body, Spirit

January 28, 2011
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Blizzards and wind-chill are the drudgery of winter months, but they don’t stop our Cabot Shores pup, Cosmo, from enjoying snow-filled frolics. As we humans retreat to the indoors, the blithe, bountiful attitude of the animal is something we can all learn from. A mind free of inhibitions and emotional hang-ups, our pets are unphased by the obstacles of life’s journey. Pets are engaged with their surroundings and live in the present– this is a practice yogis and wellness gurus preach. Its no wonder why we’re bound to their spirits. Our pets bring companionship in [...]

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