Yolo-ing at Cabot Shores

“You Only Live Once” or (Yolo) is a  stand up surf board.  Dr. Keith from New Hampshire has all of
us on it.
Guests from Holland (by way of Ontario),  Alex from Vermont,  young Gillian from Toronto, Quinn from New Hampshire are boarders…and even Dr. Paul & Cosmo…are touring the waters around Cabot Shores:  Church Pond, Indian Brook and occasionally  the Atlantic.
Yolo Boarding

"Yak" Yolo Board

Getting Ready to Yolo

Waldorf School Adventures on Cape Breton

An 8th grade class goes all around Cape Breton, for adventures, using Cabot Shores
as a home base.
Here is a sampling with thanks to the Waldorf School of Charlotteville, Virgina, teachers and students
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Berkeley, California Meets Cape Breton on Yolo Board

Gabe comes from Berkeley, California. Cosmo lives at Cabot Shores, was born in Glace Bay,  Cape Breton. They are sharing a Yolo Board on Gabe’s first ride at Cabot Shores.   Sharing a board with Cosmo (and not falling in the pond) is a mark of passing a test. Gabe is getting the hang of Yoloing […]

Virgin Yolo Boarders

Jessica and Katy (from Australia by way of Ontario) took  right to the Yolo Boards,  under Cosmo’s watchful eye.         Cosmo came along for the ride on a kayak. Tweet

See Adventurer and Now Chef Charlie Boorman in Alice-In-Paris…

Shelagh Duffett of Halifax graciously writes about her  adventures at Cabot Shores on her blog, Alice In Paris Loves  Art and Tea.. You’ll see adventurer Charlie Boorman  (of the series Extreme Frontiers Canada)  cutting lobster under the watchful eye of chef  Carl Nemeth, Captain Cosmo swimming  like a seal across Church Pond and Dr. Paul […]

Charlie Boorman without Ewan McGregor, arriving for Cape Breton Adventures

Charlie Boorman, with the actor and adventurer Ewan McGregor, round motorcycles around the world over 105 days.  It was a great
adventure documented in the TV series,  “Long Way Round”.   Now he and his crew are about an hour from Cabot Shores on Cape Breton.

Long Way Round with Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor

They are visiting us as part of a 16 stop series called Extreme Frontiers, Canada, a series for the UK station 5, produced by Big Earth
Productions and directed by Russ Malkin.  Here they will go on a lobster boat adventure, meet some Mi’kmaq elders, beach comb and
possibly do the […]

Mi’kmaq Breakfast at Cabot Shores

    John Henry Lafford is an esteemed guide and guest at Cabot Shores. An elder in the Mi’kmaq band at Eskasoni, John Henry holds a parallel vision with Cabot Shores, in terms of awakening, exploring and discovering what may be of use to future generations.  A guide to Mi’kmaq traditions, he has built a […]