Cabot Shores Wins “2011 Bicycle Friendly Award” at VELO Cape Breton Awards Banquet

On January 20th, members, volunteers and friends gathered at the Dobson Yaught Club in Sydney to celebrate Velo Cape Breton’s 9th annual potluck & awards banquet.
A delicious spread was laid out for guests to enjoy while events from the past year were reviewed along with a look at the upcoming rides and events that are in the plans for 2012.
Fun games took place throughout the evening with the announcement of the 2011 awards winners following. Some of the awards handed out during the evening included Most Improved Cyclist, Most Motivating Cyclist & Community Spirit Awards. Cabot Shores took home the […]

Top 3 Cape Breton Waterfalls Article


Okay, I have a bias towards waterfalls, spectacular trail-side views of water, and old growth forests. Duration: 25 minutes to 5 hours. So here they are: #1 Indian Brook Falls; # 2 North River Falls, #3 Black Brook/Falls.
1. Indian Brook Falls Hike (challenging)
The Cabot Trail goes along the coast on the east (Atlantic) side of Cape Breton Island.
Take the Cabot Trail to the village of Indian Brook. A landmark the bridge over Indian Brook. The Trail starts on the northwest side of the Brook.
During the heat of summer, you can do the hike in and alongside the Brook. In early […]

Enjoy Your Cape Breton Adventures at Cabot Shores

What Is Your Favorite Adventure on Cape Breton?
                     (Here’s A Sampler to Tickle Your Fancy)
A number of folks have read the USA Travel Tips mention of Cabot Shores and want to know more about us…
And the answer has to do with adventure, your favorite adventure–outdoor, cultural and even the lodging
you choose and the companions you bring along…for the ride…

Dog Cosmo & Fellow Explorer

This video shows what you can do and be at Cabot Shores, but let us know what you think the experience, the
video should be called…for now it’s
“Intro to Cape Breton’s Cabot Shores”
…kindly write what you’d call it below…
Your […]

Kayaking and Canoeing by the Cabot Trail

Cabot Shores is all about access to waterfalls along Indian Brook
leading to Church Pond with access to the Atlantic.

Layla Paddling into the Cabot Strait

Just in front of the chalets is a lagoon where you
can launch your canoe into Church Pond with friends…

Into the Lagoon with Your Canoes & Friends

All along these bodies of water our guests Kayak and Canoe and now Yolo Board.  All available at Cabot
Shores and some tours arranged through our adventure partners like Angelo Spinozzola (for sea kayaks)
and Mi’kmaq guide John Henry Lafford for expeditions all over and along Cape Breton Island.
Exploring with Cosmo on Church Pond

Canoeing […]

Pet-friendly Adventures along the Cape Breton Highlands

  Ready, to Hike, Beach-comb, Kayak or Yolo Board with your Pet? (Why Not?  There’s Even a Whale watching Captain who allows dogs on the Boat…) Colleen from Burlington, Vermont loves to hike with her dog Elijah.  Elijah has been all through New England, to Alaska and now to the Highlands of Cape Breton. Here […]

Yolo-ing at Cabot Shores

“You Only Live Once” or (Yolo) is a  stand up surf board.  Dr. Keith from New Hampshire has all of
us on it.
Guests from Holland (by way of Ontario),  Alex from Vermont,  young Gillian from Toronto, Quinn from New Hampshire are boarders…and even Dr. Paul & Cosmo…are touring the waters around Cabot Shores:  Church Pond, Indian Brook and occasionally  the Atlantic.
Yolo Boarding

"Yak" Yolo Board

Getting Ready to Yolo