Boat Tours and Adventures

Incredible coastal vistas provide the backdrop to the abundant sea life found in the north Atlantic, featuring
whales, seals and many seabirds and fish. You never know what may come up ‘out of the blue’!  Dolphins, tuna, halibut, the ebb and flow of thousands of mackerel coming with the tides…
You get a hint as  you cross over with the Englishtown Ferry and join the Atlantic side of Cape Breton.
Here we offer Whale Watch Excursions (zodiac and big boat), puffin tours; lobster adventures, deep sea fishing; and the more portable tours with Yolo Boards (Stand Up Paddling), canoes and even sea kayaks…
Pretty […]

See Adventurer and Now Chef Charlie Boorman in Alice-In-Paris…

Shelagh Duffett of Halifax graciously writes about her  adventures at Cabot Shores on her blog, Alice In Paris Loves  Art and Tea.. You’ll see adventurer Charlie Boorman  (of the series Extreme Frontiers Canada)  cutting lobster under the watchful eye of chef  Carl Nemeth, Captain Cosmo swimming  like a seal across Church Pond and Dr. Paul […]

Cape Breton Events: Reasons to Wander

Cape Breton’s events calendar is packed full of rich, cultural adventures and festivities throughout the next few months. I’ve profiled the Island’s lengthy line-up, including some of the most popular annuals. Take a peek below:

Ongoing, Mabou Family Square Dances
Gitty up, and ho down! Every Friday night, The West Mabou Sports Club offers family square dancing from 10pm-1am.
Mar 11-13, Cabot Shores: March Madness
Celebrate the season with our inclusive outdoors adventure weekend. $125 gets you one night’s stay, 2 meals from the bistro, bonfire and festivities, and an escape from the every day! (We welcome you […]

Lobster Fishing in Cape Breton

(Written by Dr. Paul)

Many of us enjoy a good lobster dinner, and travel to coastal spots like Cape Breton and Maine  for the authentic experience. I live on Cape Breton Island where there is an abundance of fresh lobster. First day of the season, around Mid May of last year, I asked my local distributor and neighbor, Merrill MacInnis, the difference between “Canners and Market Lobster”. His answer helped me understand the history of lobster fishing on Cape Breton Island and which lobster to order.
Merrill  has deep family roots in the lobster business, fishing for over 80 years off the […]

Lobster Fishing off Breton Cove, Cape Breton

Lobster Fishing Off Cape Breton
The MacInnis family are neighbors of ours at Breton Cove.
Merrill’s family has been lobster fishing over 80 years. One morning I went on his boat and helped out with the mackerel nets (for bait) and enjoyed the early morning cruise along the Cape Breton Coast…and generally got the feel of 4:20am departure, lobster “lunch” at 8:30 am….
This video gives you a bit of the history and crew in action, the coast line just below the Breton Cove Hideaway, and even lobsters being cooked by Merrill at Cabot Shores…His boat is called the Briton Bounty. The video […]