FAQ – Accommodations

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FAQ – Chalets

1) We would like to find out what we might need to bring with us to enjoy the cooking facilities in the chalet…are things like salt and pepper already there? 
What about coffee filters? 
Kitchen soap? 
Bathroom soap? 
Are there pots big enough to cook lobsters? 
– It’s a full kitchen: stove with oven, microwave, sink, fridge with small freezer, toaster, coffee maker, tea kettle, cooking pots and dishes & cutlery.
-We do supply coffee filters, dish soap, hand soap, dish towels, pot holders and such.  If you need additional things, please feel free to let us know and we are usually able to supply them
2) […]

FAQ – Yurt/Tipi

Where do I shower when I am staying at the yurt or the tipi? – There are shower and washroom facilities in the lodge for guests staying in the tipi and yurt. Is there electricity in the yurt? – No there is no electricity or running water in the yurt. How far is the yurt […]

FAQ – Lodge

1) Do we bring our own linens to Cabot Shores? -Linens are provided in all rooms 2) Is there WIFI in the lodge rooms? -Yes there is WIFI at the lodge and in the rooms 3) Are there coffee machines in the lodge rooms? – There are no coffee machines in the rooms; however, we […]

FAQ – Campground

1) Where are the campgrounds at Cabot Shores? – There is a campground in our apple orchard, and another one beside Indian Brook 2)  Where do I shower when I am staying at a campsite? – There is a shower and a bathroom for campers on the red deck beside “Dolly’s House” What is “Dolly’s […]

Whiffs Lodge

Amazing  Views
(Outside & Inside Whiff’s Lodge)

Whiff's Lodge

Breakfast View

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Whiff’s Lodge is a stunning Cape Breton Island barn-style construction with an open basement and 2 floors. built in 2004. Each level offers you an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean/St Ann’s Bay and the Bird Islands.
The lodge is named in honor of Irving Weinberg, an anesthesiologist, mentor, and community leader, whose nickname was Whiff.
Let Whiff’s lodge become your gathering place for family, friends and team members. It’s a natural destination that will take your breath away. It’s also a spot with the sounds of local and world […]

Breton Cove Farmhouse: A treasured hideaway on the Cabot Trail

Between Breton and Wreck Cove they say there’s buried treasure. Use your Breton Cove Hideaway as a jumping off point for your own great treasure hunt.
Sample wild blueberries in fields with eagles flying overhead. Take a path to the beach smelling fresh mint in the woods. Hike down to the beach and you’ll find myriad shells and rocks of many colors. About a km further south there’s sandy beaches and caves and a fresh pond on one side. Watch for trout at dusk. Ask for clues for treasure holes!!
Return to the Hideaway and relax in a spacious living room with […]