Cabot Shores Campground Open: Guests Cook Lobster near Indian Brook

Here you see, Julian Brad, among  first campers of the season, making themselves comfortable along Indian Brook.
Julia said:  ” Great place, cooked lobster on open fire–amazing…”  Added Brad:  “Never did that before, even though I’m
born and raised in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.  We’ll be back”
A number of sites are along Indian Brook and also in the Apple Orchard, near Church’s Pond where we have the Eagle Feather
Ferry going to our beach on the Atlantic…
Here is a short video showing some of our locations…
Well, it’s in three locations:  along Indian Brook, at the Apple Orchard and closer to the lodge
which is called […]

Tipi UP

Mi’kmaq Charley Pierro helped put up the Tipi poles which blew down this past winter.

Every year Charley and his  wife Melee come to check on the Tipi and often do ceremonies there
and around a fire nearby .

The Tipi is much in demand for lodging and even has been used by 3 generations celebrating a birthday …folks off different
ages and cultures love the Tipi, at all times of the day.

View of the Tipi Diffent Times of Day


Early Morning Tipi


Nighttime Tipi


Afternoon Tipi

The Tipi held 8 people for a birthday weekend of Ontarians: the Grandparents; their son and wife and 4 kids…All slept […]

Wheelchair Accessible Cottage/Chalet on Cape Breton


The Tan Chalet is  wheelchair accessible, designed with you in mind. 
There is a ramp, the doors are wide and there is clearance within the downstairs kitchen/dining room/living room.
The bathroom has a roll in shower.
The living room has a magnificent patio door offering a panoramic view of Church Pond,
the beach, the Atlantic and the Bird Islands.
There are paths from your parking space right next to the Tan Chalet, between the chalets and
over to Whiff’s Lodge.
You will also find entry to our main lodge and its Bistro wheelchair accessible, so that as you motor
over to the lodge, you can enter up […]

The Yurt & Tipi At Cabot Shores: record number of inquiries

This season, record number of inquiries are coming from our websites and over the phone concerning our Yurt and Tipi.  A few folks even contacted us during winter, but for now they are closed till mid-May (you can see the winter frame of the Tipi on the right of this page)
Below is a picture story of the Yurt and Tipi and the views…
…while just below
… Jason from Newfoundland  is  talking about his two nights at a wedding at Cabot Shores, one night with his wife in a Tipi and the other in a Yurt, a kind of Mongolian tipi.
Cabot Shores’ […]


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4 Comfortable 4 Star Chalets
Nestled amongst the trees and along the shoreline, Cabot Shores’s 4-star Chalets can accommodate up to 8 people. They combine exceptional comfort with a genuine feeling of simplicity and peace. Each chalet is characterized by a different roof color and its own specific interior organization and decoration; however, they were all created along the same principles:

Wide-open spaces for gatherings of groups, friends, families and couples; they are ideal for special occasions.
Built with beautiful natural materials; exposed timber facades and high quality furniture and equipment.
A direct view of the ocean and easy access to the shore.

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FAQ – Adventure Guesthouse

1) Does the guest house kitchen have small appliances (e.g. toaster, microwave, coffee maker)? – There is a coffee maker, toaster and microwave. 2) Does the guest house have TV, VCR/DVD? – We have a TV available that can be moved upon request into the guesthouse, as well as VCR/DVD machines Tweet

FAQ Breton Cove

1) Are there laundry facilities at Breton Cove?
-Yes there is a washer and dryer.
2) How far is Breton Cove from Cabot Shores?
– 13km North
3) Are dishes provided in the kitchen at Breton Cove?
– Yes
4) Are linens provided at Breton Cove?
– Yes, linens are provided
5) Is there cell phone reception or internet at Breton Cove?

– There is no internet at Breton Cove; however, you can stop by the Lodge at Cabot Shores anytime to use the WIFI.
– There is cell phone reception
6)  How is the hiking near Breton Cove?
You have hiking right out the door.  You are on 60 acres along […]