4 Star Chalets of Cabot Shores: Visit the Atlantic coast of Cape Breton

Last Minute Lodging & Fun at Cabot Shores

Have you ever waited to the last minute and wanted to go somewhere special
and it was already booked…?
And you were hoping against hope that it would all come together for a special occasion
a Getaway for Anniversary or Birthday, or just a Change of Scene…?
Cabot Shores gets booked months, even a year or two in advance but sometimes, just sometimes
We have Last Minute Cancelations…a night or two free here or there… Go ahead, check availability
and then call with your date with
In                   A four star  |Lodge or  Chalets
In the 4 bedroom farmhouse (one or two families or a group of friends on the […]

Wheelchair Accessible Cottage/Chalet on Cape Breton


The Tan Chalet is  wheelchair accessible, designed with you in mind. 
There is a ramp, the doors are wide and there is clearance within the downstairs kitchen/dining room/living room.
The bathroom has a roll in shower.
The living room has a magnificent patio door offering a panoramic view of Church Pond,
the beach, the Atlantic and the Bird Islands.
There are paths from your parking space right next to the Tan Chalet, between the chalets and
over to Whiff’s Lodge.
You will also find entry to our main lodge and its Bistro wheelchair accessible, so that as you motor
over to the lodge, you can enter up […]


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4 Comfortable 4 Star Chalets
Nestled amongst the trees and along the shoreline, Cabot Shores’s 4-star Chalets can accommodate up to 8 people. They combine exceptional comfort with a genuine feeling of simplicity and peace. Each chalet is characterized by a different roof color and its own specific interior organization and decoration; however, they were all created along the same principles:

Wide-open spaces for gatherings of groups, friends, families and couples; they are ideal for special occasions.
Built with beautiful natural materials; exposed timber facades and high quality furniture and equipment.
A direct view of the ocean and easy access to the shore.

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FAQ – Chalets

1) We would like to find out what we might need to bring with us to enjoy the cooking facilities in the chalet…are things like salt and pepper already there? 
What about coffee filters? 
Kitchen soap? 
Bathroom soap? 
Are there pots big enough to cook lobsters? 
– It’s a full kitchen: stove with oven, microwave, sink, fridge with small freezer, toaster, coffee maker, tea kettle, cooking pots and dishes & cutlery.
-We do supply coffee filters, dish soap, hand soap, dish towels, pot holders and such.  If you need additional things, please feel free to let us know and we are usually able to supply them
2) […]