A Successful Marriage Proposal Lights Up the “Atlantic Dome” at Cabot Shores

An Ontario fire fighter named Vince proposed marriage to his long-time childhood sweetheart Diane, and she happily accepted. Delighted, they stayed their last night at Cabot Shores in the Atlantic Dome – a bright, spacious geodesic dome with windows looking out to the stars.             Not sure how they liked the […]

“Où d’autre pourriez vous camper confortablement aux portes de la nature?”

Eagle Soaring Over Cabot Shores, NS

À proximité de la Cabot Trail, retrouvez un site pittoresque en pleine nature, sur les berges de la rivière Indian Brook et au pied de la chute d’Indian Brook.
Pour camper, vous aurez accès à de grands sites avec table de pique-nique et emplacement pour le feu ainsi que Church Pond et Indian Brook pour la baignade. Ajoutez à tout cela une myriade de points de vue et activités sur le Cap Breton à portée de main et vous aurez des vacancies réussies en Nouvelle-Écosse !

Baignade, pêche et kayak/canot
Randonnée pédestre, observation d’oiseaux et d’orignaux
Cuisine, divertissements et tranquilité d’esprit

Nos sites de camping […]

Reader’s Digest Canada and Glamping at Cabot Shores

Cabot Shores is known as one of the first and only Yurt camping areas on Cape Breton Island.
A few years ago, the CBC sent a reporter to interview Dr. Paul on the Yurt adventures here.  And, coincidentally,
two guests were celebrating their 10th anniversary, in the Yurt.
Most recently, Readers Digest Canada did an article on Your Guide to Summer Camping, with mention of Cabot Shores
by journalist Katherine Laidlaw as “secluded  and swanky.” And there is a relatively new website which features worldwide accommodations in the category of “Glamping” or Glamorous Camping.    The site is called Glamping Hub and has a premier […]

Last Minute Lodging & Fun at Cabot Shores

Have you ever waited to the last minute and wanted to go somewhere special
and it was already booked…?
And you were hoping against hope that it would all come together for a special occasion
a Getaway for Anniversary or Birthday, or just a Change of Scene…?
Cabot Shores gets booked months, even a year or two in advance but sometimes, just sometimes
We have Last Minute Cancelations…a night or two free here or there… Go ahead, check availability
and then call with your date with
In                   A four star  |Lodge or  Chalets
In the 4 bedroom farmhouse (one or two families or a group of friends on the […]

The Magical Yurts

The Yurt or Ger is a kind of Mongolian-styled structure, comparable to a First Nations Tipi.  Used by nomadic peoples, it was originally made of felt and furs.  The Cabot Shores yurt is a westernized version which has many comforts.

Windows looking out on the lake, Atlantic Ocean & Bird Islands
16.5 feet in diameter
Equipped with a skylight
An interior that has beds and conveniences (minus electricity and plumbing, but you’re near the Lodge)

You can get to the Yurt either by foot or by car, across the bridge from the lodge or through the orchard. Guests of the Yurt have access to all […]

Breton Cove Farmhouse Video

The Breton Cove Farmhouse is 12.5 km from Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort, a sister property.  It sits both in the tiny village
of Breton Cove and Skir Dhu (meaning “Black Rock”) in Gaelic.
Some folks prefer video to a bunch of words, so here’s a short video showing you the location, outside and
inside of the Breton Cove Farmhouse.   Click here for the Story of the Breton Cove Farmhouse or Basic Facts.
Video Intro to the Breton Cove Farmhouse
Ready for a Video, click below:

Prefer to see a Video, Click Below:

Between them is a  wonderful beach at Little River.

The Story of the Breton Cove Farmhouse

The Story is about
the land of 180 acres deeded by the king of England along the Atlantic, and the place was once

A self-sustaining farm with pastures, a  barn, chicken coop, hog house,  orchards, garden…
A sawmill
The border to lobster fishing territory where boats landed at Skir Dhu (Black Rock)

The Urquehardt   family over time

Had midwives using the main house for “birthing”
Adopted 5 kids
Was a neighborhood center across from the Gaelic Singers’ Hall and ball field

The place fell into disrepair over 20 years vacancy, its roof caved in and hunters sat upstairs poaching moose and and drinking beer.
The bedroom walls were caved […]