Cape Breton Chosen As Best Island by Travel and Leisure

Top in North America, 3rd  Best Island in the World


Cape Breton is rated the best Island off continental North America by Travel and Leisure Magazine….We agree.


It is now rated number 3 island in the world, after Santorini, Greece and Bali, Indonesia.


Here is  a list of the World’s Best Islands (according to Travel and Leisure)



Rank ’10 Name Score
1 6 Santorini, Greece 90.61
2 4 Bali 90.45
3 Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 89.90
4 Boracay, Philippines 89.83 Debut
5 Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia 89.68
6 7 Sicily, Italy 89.51
7 10 Big Island, Hawaii 89.11
8 2 Kauai 88.99
9 8 Maui 88.59
10 1 Galápagos 88.22

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