1. guest says

    “Beautiful property. Peaceful and quiet and extremely friendly and helpful owners and staff.”

    Truro, NS

  2. guest says

    “Beautiful weather, the ocean is amazing! Great spot for the wedding! We had a lot of fun here, thanks!”

    Mike, Irina, Rick, Masha

  3. guest says

    “Concur with all of the above!!! Definitely worth the drive from Toronto! Hope to come again!”

    Lev, Tanya, Katya, Barbara, Toronto

  4. guest says

    “Had a wonderful time here in a terrific getaway. Great good, great hospitality. We’ll remember the journey in England!”

    Terry Hurhe

  5. guest says

    “Lovely Place to drop anchor with some wonderful people. Truly beautiful setting. Beauty and serenity of Cabot Shores will definitely make us come back!”

    Brian Seguin, Montreal

  6. guest says

    “We had a terrific time! We completely fell in love with the land, sea and music.”

    Bill Garden and Kathie Pajer

  7. guest says

    “What a fabulous place- we will definitely recommend to our friends as the place to stay in Cape Breton. Although we did not meet your moose, knowing that there was one there was a real charge, since we could stumble on the moose at anytime. Even with less than ideal weather, we had a great time.”

    Jim Swigent and Nancy Neuten

  8. guest says

    “Thanks for making our stay at Cabot Shores a memorable event. We thoroughly enjoyed the natural beauty of the surroundings, and found the view of the ocean from our chalet porch each morning and evening a great way to start and end the day. The chalet was comfortable, the meals delicious and the service absolutely superb. Our hikes and short but exhilarating swims reminded us of the special role nature plays in our lives, and the importance of preserving our environment. We complement you on your vision of helping to keep alive the history of the Native people. The Sunday night music event with both Scottish and Mi ‘kmaq music and dancing was an eye and ear opening experience we will long remember. Please give our best to Sharon, Keith, Sheila, John and the rest of the Cabot Shores crew.”

    Betsy, Patty, John and Ray ( the Atkins family)

  9. guest says

    Lovely place, nice people, a surprise on the Cabot Traih, which was already full of surprises! Speaking for all the Dutch on the Island (at elast the 5 of us) “goed gedaan jochie!” and “toppiejoppie”

    Surya/ Rosa/Boris Jelle, Darlaus from Utrecht–Holland!

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