Cabot Shores Featured on Newsletter!

HappyCow is the best online directory for vegans and vegetarians on where to find restaurants, stores, and even resorts that cater to their diet. I am an avid user of this directory; and being a vegan myself I can say how hard it can be to find restaurants that have better-than-salad quality options for my dietary preference.

I am honored to say we have been featured in the Happycow newsletter for March/ April under their veg-travel guide on where to stay while traveling to eat seasonal inspired veg-friendly dishes.


Our very own Barbara Weinburg brought this unique addition to the resort, being a vegetarian herself, she wanted to share her passion for fresh plant-based meals with travelers that have the same passion. In the summer she creates a menu that corresponds with the season using as much produce from our garden as possible; she makes a variety of dishes that cater to vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free restrictions. One of my favorites is the fresh vegan, gluten-free banana bread!


Awesome websites like HappyCow have helped us spread the word around the world about our little wilderness oasis, Cabot Shores. One of our humble goals is to bring international travelers and our local community together over some fantastic and healthy cuisine.


This summer we are planning to have live music a couple nights of the week for guests, travelers and locals to come enjoy food, drinks and local artists in our warm and inviting lodge. Stay tuned for more information!

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