Cabot Shores Campground Open: Guests Cook Lobster near Indian Brook

Here you see, Julian  &  Brad, among  first campers of the season, making themselves comfortable along Indian Brook.

Julia said:  ” Great place, cooked lobster on open fire–amazing…”  Added Brad:  “Never did that before, even though I’m

born and raised in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.  We’ll be back”

A number of sites are along Indian Brook and also in the Apple Orchard, near Church’s Pond where we have the Eagle Feather

Ferry going to our beach on the Atlantic…

Here is a short video showing some of our locations…

[youtube][/youtube]Well, it’s in three locations:  along Indian Brook, at the Apple Orchard and closer to the lodge

which is called “Lodge Camping” with more amenities.

Some guests from Newfoundland stayed near Indian Brook

and said:

“We were here for 3 awesome nights of camping and festivities to celebrate the marriage  of…

What a time we had! The beauty of this area + the warmth of the staff made this such a memorable

long weekend.  Huge thanks…”  Julia  + Peter:  St. John’s, Newfoundland







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