Cabot Shores Bistro Featured On HappyCow Facebook helps worldwide travelers to find healthy food and “an evironmentally sustainable way of living.” Cabot Shores shares these values. Our Bistro food — much grown in our garden and around Nova Scotia — is not only offered to our lodging and retreat guests, but to a variety of travelers touring the  Cabot Trail and having all kinds of adventures (including food adventures) around Cape Breton Island.

Check out the Photos on Facebook

Many guests have found the Cabot Shores’ Bistro by consulting the and today we are featured on HappyCow Facebook. See if you recognize the photo of the Bistro in the Great Room of Cabot Shores — with food and music and fun all happening at once. Here’s a hint.

Bistro Update

The organic garden has been yielding greens and beans and onions and squash, and now tomotoes are red and being harvested.  So are some wild apples.  Come join us whether or not you lodge at Cabot Shores…and check us out on facebook and if you’ve eaten at our Bistro and enjoyed the vegan, vegetarian and other healthy foods prepared by Barbara’s team, please write a review or post below.

Bistro a, Yurt and Adventure Packages

Lately, guests have been sampling chana masala and cauliflower curry from Barbara’s kitchen, with apple crisp and home made truffles for desert.  A fall “vegetarian waterfalls package” is on tap with local,  organic Big Spruce Micro ales (Kitchen Party, Regatta Red and Cereal Killer)

Today people from California, Switzerland and Halifax went out on canoes and stand up paddle boards (yolo boards) and daily a number of hikes, guided and unguided, are happening every day for our guests. Nights are spent after a Bistro Meal in authentic Yurts, our ocean view chalets and Whiff’s lodge.

Here is a special fall package offering Vegetarian Waterfalls, Yurts and Yolo Boards Along the Cabot Trail.



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