Breast Cancer Survivor Retreat (S.E.A.R.C.H)

Located on the shores of beautiful Cape Breton, Cabot Shore’s 55 acres of beautifully varied landscape provides the perfect setting for this complete holistic adventure. Spend this weekend with your friends or take the opportunity to get away by yourself, meet new people, and learn new skills. A mix of professionals in the fields of health, exercise and nutrition will provide a variety of physical, mental, and spiritual activities to choose from.

You’ll find Cabot Shores accommodations are perfect for a weekend of adventure, relaxation and renewal.  Nestled in a peaceful setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, various accommodations include 4 star chalets, Whiff’s lodge, a 4 bedroom Breton Cove Farmhouse, and alternative shelters like the Yurt, Tipi or wilderness tents along Indian Brook.

Celebrate the changing seasons with restored energy and creativity!


Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia is planning the first breast cancer retreat for 50 women in Cape Breton.


The retreat is called the Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia S.E.A.R.C.H. Retreat. The weekend will have a “Survivor” theme, complete with wilderness excursions, team building exercises, and holistic experiences.

S.E.A.R.C.H = Survivor – Empowerment – Awakening – Relaxation –Connection –Holistic


October 14-16th 2011


Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort

St. Ann’s Bay, Buchanan DR
Victoria, Subd. A, Nova Scotia


It will be a fun and empowering experience to help survivors push past psycho-social barriers brought on by a breast cancer experience.


For BCANS Members and Breast Cancer Survivors from CAPE BRETON a special member’s rate of $75.00 (plus tax) will cover the entire weekend (meals, accommodations & retreat fee). You can register  by calling:

Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia at (902) 465-2685.

For Women traveling from OUTSIDE Cape Breton, the rate is $75.00 per day (plus tax). This includes lodging, meals & retreat fee.   CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW!

You may register online by clicking here or by calling toll free:





  1. Jen says

    Open your eyes toward survivorship and recovery. Take advantage of the opportunities that now are available to you. You have survived cancer. Take advantage of the opportunities and spend a weekend at a wellness retreat, an outdoor program, walk a labyrinth, or pamper yourself at a spa alongside other survivors. Take a trip, step out of your comfort zone, or take a step into a more comfortable place.

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