Bistro Feature: Chef George Smith & Wife Cora-Lee

Cabot Shores has the pleasure of introducing guest Chef George Smith to food lovers & culinary adventure seekers alike during their monthly winter and spring feasts.

Chef George Smith and wife Cora-Lee own and operate The Dancing River Sprite in Middle River, NS, where they hold “literary” dinners each month, with lively re-tellings of a chosen classic book and dishes inspired by its passages.  At these events, menus are set out for the six-course meal, but rather than describing the dishes, they provide cryptic clues about it’s ingredients. Part of the fun, then, is placing the tastes as you eat. Nearly all the meat, produce, and seasonings are either produced on-site or found locally. And Chef George’s cooking definitely veers toward the experimental, but it’s frequently, awesomely delicious.

George and Cora-Lee prepared their first feast here at Cabot Shores during our Valentine’s Weekend Getaway. Guests enjoyed a menu of a Warm Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Salad, Roast Pork topped in a delicious peppercorn sauce, Salmon bathed in a creamy white wine sauce & homemade apple crisp smothered in a rich homemade custard.

Currently, George and Core-Lee are working on a flavourful Brazilian/Mexican inspired menu for our upcoming March Break Getaway weekend which includes a warm Chillied Black Beam Tortilla Salad, mouth watering Chimichurri Steaks with Mexican Rice, hearty Brazilian Fish Stew, creamy full flavoured Risotto, savory Brazillian Coconut Curry & rich Shaved Chocolate, Grilled Pineapple and Dulce de Leche Cream Parfait desserts.

Click HERE to check out a great article and video featuring George & Cora-Lee on

Left Photo: Chef George explains the Creation of his Valentine’s Menu to Guests.



  1. Joe Sampson says

    Hello Cora-Lee & George
    I was one of the photographers at the CB Regional Library Living Mannequins last night. I was wondering if you had an email address I could send along some digital prints to. Let me know.
    Thanks for a great evening
    Joe Sampson

  2. leslie Reinhart says

    How can we get on the e-mail list of The Dancing River Sprite events, so we can come for dinner?

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