August 2010 Newsletter From Cabot Shores

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Happy Summer to you!

“You Only Live Once” or (Yolo) is a stand up surf board. Dr. Keith from New Hampshire has all of us on it.

Guests from Holland (by way of Ontario), Alex from Vermont, young Gillian from Toronto, Quinn from New Hampshire are boarders…and even Dr. Paul & Cosmo…are touring the waters around Cabot Shores: Church Pond, Indian Brook and occasionally the Atlantic.and of course Cosmo kayaks as well…

Many guests do YOLO boarding & other adventures new for them at Cabot Shores…some very simple fun experiences like

Yolo Boarding First Kayaking

More Smores!

First Time on the Cabot Trail

And also, go see the New Cabot Shores Website/Blog , for your first time to the new and leave your comment. Check out some Special Occasions–including Jenn & Don who did their wedding vows with Reverend Dianne Kempt..

YES! ? Yes!

Don said “I do” one day and the next day shot a movie of his first moose sighting at Cabot Shores.
Check out our new website and comment on what you see. Go to: Cabot Shores
Happy rest of the summer to you!

Dr. Paul & Barbara et all of Cabot Shores
telephone: 902 929 2584

PS Call for reservations toll-free: 866 929 2584
PPS Special thanks for the photos to: Marius Botken of Ontario; Madison Greening, of Halifax; Gisele Goulet, of Vancouver; Stacie Hamilton, of Maine; to Melissa Pasanen of Vermont.
Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort
The Cabot Trail at Indian Brook
30 Buchanan Drive
Englishtown, Nova Scotia b0c1h0

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