An Invitation to see the Cape Breton Moose

This new website now up.

The difference between new and old is interaction.

The ability for guests and guides to interact here as they do at Cabot Shores–with the place, the people,

and with the nature and culture and adventure found all over the Cabot Trail and Cape Breton.

A day starting for Dr. Paul–now in a big white tent at the end of the Apple Orchard—a moose lives nearby, a big bull moose.  Saw him last Sunday, just his rack, popping out from the patch of wild roses.  Today, I saw another moose across the orchard,  eating her way to Church Pond.

Good way to start a day.  See the homepage and wildlife pages for guest interactions via photos with the moose!  Send us a photo or post here.  You have an invitation.  Click on the moose and you’ll be brought to the Groom’s Moose Video.

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