African Dance comes to Cabot Shores

Anne-Claude Pepin is bringing African Dance to Cabot Shores. As Anne-Claude says: “African Dance is one of the best way to stay in shape. Every part of the body is actively engaged and the heart rate goes up while listening to great percussion music.”

Sounds like a great workout particularly for this time of the year with spring around the corner. But how about us “older folk” with creaky joints? “Depending how much you abandon yourself to the music,” says Anne-Claude, “it can be quite intense but you can also take it slower by not amplifying the movements as much”. I can appreciate this flexible approach!

Anne-Claude Pepin, your instructor, has taken African Dance class for three years with professional artists from Guinee and Quebec. She now lives on the North Shore of Cape Breton Island. She’s missed dancing so much that has decided to share her passion with us. So come and join us every Sunday at 4 pm at Cabot Shores.

For information:, 902 929 2584.

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