Adventures of the Tipi


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We’ve had the full spectrum of adventurist-types stay with us at Cabot Shores. Some are outdoor advocates who prefer the cozy confines of a private chalet or lodge room. Others are day-trippers coming to check the scenes; sometimes its families and groups looking for retreat and time together. And then there are the adventurists who will take whatever we can throw at them. This is so much fun for us. We like to make Cabot Shores an individualized experience– some prefer to do their own thing while they are here and we embrace that. But on the other end, we love to engage with guests and hear their stories. We’ve heard and shared many!

The tipi experience is a great one for those looking to vacation outside the box. Its more than camping; the ritual and connections to Native American culture creates a richness that can only be fully appreciated first hand. Teamwork, interaction, and a hands-on approach makes most grateful for their night-time shelter and in touch with their surroundings. Its a unique and awakening experience! Check out the above clip of our tipi at Cabot Shores. (Conveniently located just beside the lodge.)

If you’re into further information on Tipi Vacation Deals, or have any questions about Cabot Shores’ Tipi experience, please contact:

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