Cape Breton Adventures

Hiking Adventures

Waterfalls, caves, and hidden lakes, oh my! Hiking is always an adventure at Cabot Shores. We have many levels of difficulty, and every one offers you a different experience from beautiful waterfalls (and we have our favourite) to the Spinnakin mountain summit. Want a real challenge? Glooscap Cave (also known as The Fairy Hole) was created just for you. Be prepared though, it involves scaling a rock wall or taking a dip in the ocean.

Boating Adventures

If you’re coming all the way East to dip your toes into the Atlantic, you may as well step on a boat. In fact, one way to get to Cabot Shores is by the Englishtown ferry – a full 5-minute ferry ride. So what adventure catches your fancy… whales, puffins and birds, lobster, or deep sea fishing tours? If you want something a little more intimate and serene, grab a Yolo board, canoe, or sea kayak.

Water Adventures

Glide through local lakes and ponds as you watch eagles soar and moose graze along the shoreline. At Cabot Shores, we’re all about exploring beautiful places to get away from it all, learning new skills, having once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters, meeting great people and introducing you to an eco-friendly way of travel.

Healing Arts

Ever go on holiday to relax and found yourself even more wound up than when you left? You’re not alone. It’s for people like you we offer Gate of Life Healing Arts. Individual therapeutic massages, morning yoga, Qi Gong exercises sessions, Five Element Acupuncture and group meditation are just some of the ways we can help you restore balance in your life.

Culinary Adventures

Surround yourself in the Island’s stories of the land and sea. Uncover well-kept secrets from our Chefs who have spent their lives appreciating fresh, organic ingredients. Indulge yourself in rich flavours, authentic traditions and inspiring culture that’s shaped generations of Islanders and its visitors.

Music & Culture

If you come to Cape Breton, you need to understand the word Ceilidh. First off, it’s pronounced Kay-lee, and it’s a social event featuring Scottish or Irish folk music. Cape Breton is famous for them. And at Cabot Shores, we’ve been known to whoop it up with the best of them. Our instruments are always ready for an impromptu jam session, and our stage has featured many award-winning musicians from all over. Consider this your invitation to join us.

Winter Adventures

Avid adventurer? Or a fire-side bookworm? We have something for everyone during the cold months. Go snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, winter hiking, downhill skiing, and snowboarding. Then relax with a massage, acupuncture, meditation, or yoga for a full range of wellness. Want something a little different? Take an Infra-red Sauna, then curl up by the hearth, eat a hearty meal, meet with fun guests, or have some quality time together in private.