Road Scholar: Inter-generational Adventures on Cape Breton DAILY SCHEDULE!

Day One: Saturday, July 07 – Welcome to Cabot Shores

Afternoon:Arrival at Cabot Shores after 3pm Afternoon Tea with Oat Cakes followed by introduction to the grounds of Cabot Shores
Dinner:Dinner at Cabot Shores Lodge
Evening: Welcome Ceremony, Introductions and Orientation in Great Room of Lodge

Day Two: Sunday, July 08 – Exploring the Indian Brook Wilderness

Breakfast:Start the day with an Optional Qi Gong, mindfulness meditation or Nature Walk followed by Breakfast in Cabot Shores lodge.
Morning:Hike & explore the Indian Brook Wilderness Trail See old moose hunting camps; cross creeks leading to three waterfalls. Follow paths of eagles up from Church Pond to Indian Brook; look for eagles’ nest beyond the 2nd falls. Explore vistas looking at Indian Brook and even St. Ann’s Bay & the Atlantic

Lunch: Trail lunches


Afternoon:Learn about the path of salmon, trout, moose and deer along the Trail (prey vs. predators…) Learn about native Mi’kmaq Trails from Atlantic Ocean, into Church Pond and up Indian Brook Learn about Celtic settlement just above Indian Brook Great Falls Hiking distance about 6km round trip to Great Falls, 2-4km to smaller falls, according to interest and stamina or Return to Cabot Shores Campus to relax for the afternoon, browse our eclectic library or take an infrared sauna
Dinner:BBQ on open fire outside of the Lodge
Evening:Stories and Legends around the fire or in the tipi Guides: Mi’kmaq elders offering information on Mi’kmaq gatherings and trails; fishing and hunting practices, Cabot Shores’ experts

Day Three: Monday, July 09 – Water & Beach Adventures

Breakfast:Start the day off with optional Qi Gong, meditation or morning walk followed by Breakfast in Cabot Shores lodge.
Morning:Explore Indian Brook into Church Pond & along the Beach via ferry, walking, canoes, kayaks and yolo boards (includes instructions for those needing it). Ride the gentle current along Indian Brook into Church Pond Observe a variety of ducks, geese, cormorans, gulls and the occasional bald eagle (before returning to nest above 2nd waterfall) Explore inlets with oyster patches
Lunch: Cook-out on the beach, build a fire site using beach rock, collect drift wood for fire

Afternoon:Walk along the beach to the Red Island Trail & Explore

the Barachois River & Beach (A 4km hike 1km along the beach), discover hidden lakes only accessible by hiking or by boat Collect seashells and heart-shaped rocks Or: Return to Cabot Shores’ campus to relax for the afternoon……

Dinner:Local Nova Scotia seafood dinner with Cape Breton Fisherman

Evening:Presentation: Five Generations of Fraser family Fishermen

Day Four: Tuesday, July 10 – Celtic or Native Mi’kmaq Immersion -Experience the Local Culture

Breakfast:Optional Qi Gong, meditation, Nature walk followed by Breakfast in Cabot Shores lodge.
Morning:Gaelic language Immersion Story-telling Local History
Lunch:Local Cape Breton specialties
Afternoon:Sharing Circle: What’s your family history? Step Dancing Demonstration Quilting Demonstration Tea with Shirley
Dinner:Local Specialties
Evening:Ceilidh -Celtic music and dancing -participatory instruction provided

Day Five: Wednesday, July 11 – Demonstrations by Local Artisans

Breakfast:Start the day with optional Qi Gong, mindfulness meditation, Nature walk followed by breakfast in Cabot Shores lodge.
Morning:Demonstrations by local Artisans: Photography, Instruments, Jewelry, pottery Make your own: Medicine Pouches, Beading (instruction provided)
Lunch: At Cabot Shores Lodge



Afternoon:Participate in a Medicine Walk, learn about local flora Or relax in the lodge….
Dinner:At Cabot Shores
Evening: Locally-produced Film

Day Six: Thursday, July 12 – Adventures in Outdoor Cooking

Breakfast:Optional Qi Gong, mindfulness meditation, nature walk followed by Breakfast in Cabot Shores lodge.
Morning:Participate in Scavenger Hunt or Free Time
Lunch:At Cabot Shores Lodge
Afternoon:Adventures in Outdoor Cooking with: “Adventure” Chef and Cabot Shores’ resident gardener Learn to: Set up “Plank Salmon” (or Mackerel or Trout) on cedar planks Build fire for cooking dinner Bake bread and pizza in outdoor wood-fired oven
Dinner:At Cabot Shores’ Lodge

Evening: Sharing Circle, Closing Ceremony


Day Seven: Friday, July 13 – Recap Adventures of the Week

Breakfast:Optional Qi Gong, mindfulness meditation, nature walk followed by Breakfast in Cabot Shores lodge.
Morning:Recap as group the adventures experienced -mild to wild Free time to walk, pack, kayak or canoe… end of program

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