10 Fun Things for Kids to Do on Cape Breton Island


Kids of all ages Love Cape Breton


Here’s the top 10 activities, some not well known, that many kids

(kids spanning a wide range of ages!; some of us never grow up, do we?!!)

enjoy year after year.


1.  Whale watching

whale watching off Cape Breton Island

Whales off Cape Breton


Go on a zodiac speed boat or big steel craft led by an exerienced whale watching captain (like Captain  Stan MacKinnon who even plays the fiddle along the way or Captain Cyril Fraser who represents 5 generations of captains) to see Pilot and Minke whales, Fin Whales, Humpbacks, Dolphins, Seals, Eagles, Coromorans and other seabirds.


2.  Puffin tours

Puffin Tour off Cape Breton Island

Puffin Tour

Puffin Tours depart from English town and head out to the Bird Islands where you’ll see puffins, seals and eagles, as well as views of the spectacular rocky shores  of St.Ann’s Bay, Jersey Cove and parts of the North Shore shore of Cape Breton Island.


3.   Black Brook Beach

Black Brook Beach on Cape Breton Island

Fun at Black Brook Beach

Here you can find barbeques for cooking lunch, great swimming and boogie boarding, and even a fresh water creek and waterfall for a nice shower. Can you find the boardwalk to a hidden cove?


4. Little River beach

Kid's Magic on Cape Breton Island

Kids' Magic


This is the magic beach that’s known for mermaid sightings – you never know…


5.  Skyline Park

Moose on Cape Breton Island

Moose in Skyline Park

Where moose roam, sometimes really close by, and paths leading to a boardwalk overlooking the Gulf of St.Lawrence.


6.  A Water Show and outdoor Extravaganza

Yolo Boarding on Cape Breton Island 
Yolo Boarding on Cape Breton Island

Yoloboarding with Cosmo

Yolo boarding

Every summer, during  the Good Health Festival at Indian Brook you can try Yolo boards (stand up paddle boards), kayaks and canoes.


7. Ceilidhs

Experience foot-stomping music and catchy celtic rhythms at local Ceilidhs at St Ann’s United church twice a week during July and August.


The Rocky Shores Band

Live Music at Cabot Shores & local Ceilidh

8  Lobster, lobster, lobster

Fresh Lobster on Cape Breton Island

It's Alive!

Lobster eating…Lobster Lore…you can even pick up your own fresh, live lobster at Little River Harbor.


9.  Hikes to waterfalls

Waterfall off the Cabot Trail

Waterfall off the Cabot Trail

There are many waterfalls along the Cabot Trail, some easy to find, some tucked away in the Highlands. You can also boogie board down Indian Brook from the Great Falls.


10. Bonfires

Bonfires on Cape Breton Island

Just in Time

Being next to bonfires by the ocean or a brook, enjoying a BBQ, roasting marsh mellows and making smores…


And of course, many of us who have kids or empty nests or even kids plus furry kids, there’s a great place for pet companions as well.

Megan & Kid Friendly Dog Cosmo



(also published in ezinearticles.com)

The opposite of a good vacation for adults is having kids bored, tired and uninspired,  especially when you’ve traveled a long distance to get to your travel destination.

One such destination is Cape Breton Island, which is about as far east off North America as you can drive without falling off the map.  At the eastern tip of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton is bordered by the Atlantic on the East and the Gulf of St. Lawrence  the West.

Circling around the Island is the famous Cabot Trail, which National Geographic describes as one of the “drives of a lifetime”.  But all this does not mean kids will love the mountain and ocean scenery, the gaelic and mi’kmaq and french acadian culture…They may even, during lots of driving, sit with their mobile screens and miss the beautiful scenery altogther.  They may even complain of boredom and say there’s no where to shop (meaning lack of malls), nothing to do and no one (their age) to be with.

I know from bitter experience, the first time my family (2 kids) and wife and I traveled 850 miles from the Boston area and drove around the 180 mile Cabot Trail during November, when there truly was nothing open, icey roads and not many other kids in obvious view.

Eleven years later and with many all season Cabot Trail tours under my belt, I have come up with 10 Outrageously Fun Activities that are certified by many happy local kids, guides and guests to Cape Breton Island.


  1. Dee-Anne says

    Love this post planning a trip with a young child and looking for child friendly lodging and things to do. ;) For this July. 2015.

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